I am an artist and instructor based in Oregon. My work explores light, combining contemporary and historic processes to push the bounds of conventional photography. My work has been exhibited internationally and is featured in the collections of
NASA, Hilton Hotels, Kaiser Permanente hospitals, UC Davis Medical Center, University of Utah, and many more....


Pondering the root words photo meaning light and graph meaning to write, I began exploring the concept of literally writing with light. Following extensive research, I developed various methods of painting with light on photosensitive paper and designed  tools for this purpose. I self-authored a patent for the tool and process by which I create my art which was granted in 2011....

Creative Process

Merging current technologies with deep-rooted photographic practices, I use light emitting devices to brush color into form across light-sensitive paper. A unique approach to the production of photographic art, I do not document an existing image but rather, like a painter, generate an original one. Manipulating color, intensity, and direction of light, I literally paint with light....


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