During the time I was pursuing my photography based art degree I witnessed meteoric changes within the photographic world. The once commanding darkroom was being replaced by the newest computer lab, while prosperous photography businesses were closing their doors forever. I both embraced and questioned the digital world photography was being assimilated into. I delved further into the basic concepts of photography; where it came from, what it meant, and where it was going. Pondering the root words photo meaning light and graph meaning to write, I began exploring the concept of literally writing with light. Following extensive research, I developed various methods of painting with light on photosensitive paper and designed different tools for this purpose. I self-authored a patent for the tool and process by which I create my art which was granted in 2011.

By looking critically and freshly at a well-known medium, I inaugurate new photographic practices that defy digital trends and open up new modes of praxis for art. Exploring and capturing light through formal and conceptual studies, I challenge traditional understanding of what a photograph is and how one is made. I emphasize process in art making, constructing conceptual reference to the medium itself. Combing cutting edge technology with the most historic of processes, I push the bounds of conventional photography to invoke fresh alternatives to creating and appreciating art.