My works of art are creations of light.

Creating unique camera-less art in a darkroom I revisit the wonder of photography's invention and process. Merging current technologies with deep-rooted photographic practices, I use light emitting devices to brush color into form across light-sensitive paper. A unique approach to the production of photographic art, I do not document an existing image but rather, like a painter, generate an original one. Manipulating color, intensity, and direction of light, I literally paint with light. Working with an invisible latent image, only after a piece is completed and photo-chemically processed is the image revealed. My work explores the nature of the photographic experience, the chemistry of traditional photography, the direct capture of light, and the relationship between image and surface.  No negative, enlarger, camera or computer is used in the creating of my art, making each piece produced a unique work.

Exploring and capturing light through formal and conceptual studies, I challenge traditional understanding of what a photograph is and how one is made. I emphasize process in art making, constructing conceptual reference to the medium itself. Combining cutting edge technology with the most historic of processes, I push the bounds of conventional photography to invoke fresh alternatives to creating and appreciating art.


See videos about my process on Oregon Art Beat and KBNZ-CBS.