Wine Enthusiast Magazine Feature

In April 2014, Wine Enthusiast Magazinefeatured my wine series calling it “wall-worthy for any oenophile.” Very honored and excited, I looked for a copy of the magazine everywhere, but it was sold out. Later in August 2014, my husband found a copy of the magazine while we were wine tasting in Calistoga, CA, and the owner of the winery kindly gave it to us.

See the feature below:

Pop the Cork Art

Our Crush this Month: Wall-worthy wine art.

Needless to say, we look through our fair share of wine bottle photos and renderings. So, when we come across an image that stops us in our tracks, we take notice. When we come across an entire portfolio that stops us in our tracks, we need to share it with you, our fellow wine lovers. That’s what happened when we encountered artist Natasha Bacca’s Wine Project series. Even her last name is vino-related; it’s rooted in the name Bacchus, the Roman god of wine. In the series, Bacca captures wine bottles and accouterments in photograms—a camera-less image made through manipulation of very low light in the darkroom. The final works are her dreamy still lifes (like this piece, Story Winery) that are wall-worthy for any oenophile.

My wine series has been featured and collected internationally. It is in the collections of The Conrad Hilton Hotelin Dubai, Naked Wineryin Oregon, Silvan Ridge Wineryin Oregon, Cox Canyon Vineyards in Washington, Metate Room Restaurantin Mesa Verde National Park, and numerous private collections. It was commissioned for Telluride Wine Festivaland featured in Wine Enthusiast MagazineWine Pass Magazine, and on the television show Portlandia.

Read more about my wine series here, and see my entire wine series here.