Painting with Light ~ How I Create My Artwork

When I began blogging 4 years ago one of my goals was to give more insight to a common question - How do I create my artwork?

Over the past 4 years I have explained and illustrated my process as best I can in writing and photographs, as well as had others video and interview me creating my artwork.

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6 years ago I was granted a US patent for the tool and process by which I create my art.

My journey to obtaining a patent began in 2005 when I was pursuing my photography based art degree.... Pondering the root words photo meaning light and graph meaning to write, I began exploring the concept of literally writing with light.... 

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I was filmed creating a piece of my artwork for a local television show. 

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I work in darkness, and therefore feel more than see what I am working with....

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I work with different techniques...

  • staggered wine glasses = different sizes & sharpness + different color filters combined = variety

  • bent photo paper = distortion of shapes & sizes + color filters = opposite colors

  • crystal wine glasses refract more light + different color filters = patterns

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