March Newsletter

The Healing Effects of Nature-Based Art

As an artist, I am passionate about bringing the healing and inspiration of nature into our daily spaces. I have written numerous blog posted about the healing effects of nature-based art, and in this blog post I share some new insights including VIEWING ART MAKES YOU FEEL THE SAME JOY AS FALLING IN LOVE!

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Get Artwork by Natasha Bacca on Address Labels, Checks, and Checkbook Covers

Artwork by Natasha Bacca is available on business checks, personal checks, checkbook covers, and address labels. Multiple images from various series are available.

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Artwork by Natasha Bacca in the Collection of Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is the largest healthcare organization in the United States. Knowing that art heals, they own an impressive collection of art, and I am honored to have 7 of my artworks in their collection.

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