January Newsletter

Memento Mori

Memento Mori reminds us of something startling & important: LIFE IS MEANINGFUL, TEMPORARY & SACRED.

This Artwork by Natasha Bacca was funded by a grant from The Celebration Foundation.

It has been installed in numerous places including an Amazon building in Seattle.

See more here.

Growth Through All Seasons

This Artwork by Natasha Bacca was created for Central Oregon Community College.

Read more about "Growth Through All Seasons" here.

See Artwork by Natasha Bacca on Portlandia

Artwork by Natasha Bacca is now airing on Portlandia!

My wine series was called "wall-worthy for any oenophile" by Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

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Painting with Light ~ How I Create My Artwork

Insights to a common question - How do I create my artwork?

Read about my journey to obtaining a US patent; see a television show of me creating a piece of my artwork; and more about my process here.