Growth Through All Seasons

Growth through All Seasons

2010 unique chromogenic photogram 60" x 72" (9 20" x 24" panels) Collection of Central Oregon Community College in Bend, OR. Displayed in the Campus Center.

Growth through All Seasons was created specifically for the Central Oregon Community College (COCC) Campus Center.  Surrounded by countless trees, COCC is amongst the world’s most beautiful campuses. A vibrant campus, COCC serves the community every month of the year, fostering growth in people of all ages. In every season of the year and through all seasons of life, COCC cultivates growth in the scholars it serves, in the local economy, and in the community as a whole.

Central Oregon Community College is the oldest two-year college in Oregon, and it provides comprehensive college services to the residents of its 10,000-square-mile district. COCC offers two-year associate degrees, transfer/lower division programs, career and technical education degrees and certificates, developmental courses, continuing education and community learning classes, industry-specific training programs, and business management assistance.

The College's main campus is located on the western edge of Bend, a city known for its natural beauty and its proximity to diverse recreational opportunities. The location affords spectacular views of the mountains from nearly every point on the 201-acre campus.

In addition to being fortunate enough to have created artwork for this wonderful college, I am also fortunate enough to teach a variety of art and photography classes here.

Before & After Installation Photos of Growth Through All Seasons: