Artwork by Natasha Bacca Installed on Traffic Signals in Coral Springs, Florida

Updated: Apr 15, 2018

The City of Coral Springs, Florida Public Art Program recognizes that public art creates a unique sense of place and distinction, enjoyment and pride for all citizens and visitors to our community. The goal of the Public Art Program is to create a stimulating environment that reflects are enhances the City’s heritage, diversity and character through public artworks integrated in the architecture, infrastructure and landscape.

The City of Coral Springs, Florida wrapped artworks on 5 traffic signal boxes located in the city. The goal of the program is to reduce blight along their corridors by transforming a utility box into a piece of art. This beautification effort enhances the experience of all those visiting the corridors and will help to prevent vandalizing of boxes.

Artworks by Natasha Bacca were selected for two of the five images for this public art project in May, and I recently received installation images. The selected artworks as well as installation images are below.

Artwork by Natasha Bacca unique chromogenic photogram 20″ x 24″


In line with my one of a kind artwork, I choose nature as an analogous subject as all elements of nature are unique. With no two leaves, trees, flowers, or other natural elements ever being exactly alike, I bring to light the intricate textures and details of my subjects, giving attention and appreciation to every aspect through careful arrangement and layering. I use nature as a catalyst to explore concepts of life and health. I use flowers as peaceful symbols of life. Flowers illustrate the passage of time and growth, taking on the appearance of decay in the winter and sprouting anew with the return of spring. In this way my floral artworks are an inspirational symbol of resurrection and healing. Nature exhibits a transitory beauty, an ephemeral symbol of the cycle of life, reminding viewers that life is meaningful and sacred.

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