PL23 8x10 2010
PL22 8x10 2010
PL8 20x20 2010
PL10 20x20 2010
PL21 11x14 2010
PL9 20x20 2010
PL7 20x20 2010
PL6 20x20 2010
PL5 20x20 2010
PL4 20x20 2010
PL3 20x20 2010
CF2 9x9 2010
CF1 11x14 2010
PL1 20x20 2010
CF4 9x9 2010
CF3 8x10 2010
PL2 20x20 2010


This series illustrates landscapes as one might view them in transitory form.  Representing time’s affect on memory, these landscapes explore the alteration of memories with the passing of time.

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