M12 8x10 2010
M11 8x10 2010
M10 8x10 2010
M9 8x10 2010
M1 8x10 2010
M8 8x10 2010
M4 8x10 2010
M7 8x10 2010
M5 8x10 2010
M6 8x10 2010
M3 8x10 2010


This series is inspired by my love of martinis.  Dirty, with a twist.  Cheers!



To receive a PDF or catalogue of a this series please send an email request to Natasha@NatashaBacca.com.

To purchase artwork contact Natasha at 541-788-7212 or at Natasha@NatashaBacca.com.

© 2018 Natasha Bacca

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